Lyndon J. Rogers aka "Meshach"







He has a very melodious and sweet voice with the ability to sing in any genre of music. Lyndon J. Rogers also known in the music industry as soca artiste “Meshach” is a phenomenal vocalist and song writer who possesses exceptional talent. Born in Sangre Grande, Trinidad on May 16, 1978 he is also the son of Lenny Lawrence Rogers a musician and steel pan arranger from Valencia, Trinidad. Coming from a talented family definitely guided his path to pursue his love and passion for music overall. Academically he attended the St. Francis RC School, Sangre Grande Junior Secondary and then on to the Arima Senior Comprehensive.

Once he completed his education in Trinidad he was given an opportunity to migrate to the United States where he exhaled even more not just as a gifted young man but more so as an artiste in his own right. Soon he began taking vocal voice training and he spiralled his way as a trained musician and lead singer with the band “Uprising” in 1995. Now a force to be reckoned with “Meshach” evolved into a powerful vocalist and people began to pay specific attention to his voice and unique style of music.


Moreover with his proven talent, go-getter attitude, persistence and love for the art form he concentrated on making a name for himself in the global music community. In addition, he graced the stage with  great performers such as the Wailers, Burning Spear,    S.W.V, Pieces of a Dream, Ohio Players, Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Kerwin Du Bois, Benjai, Kevin Little, Rupee, Sherwyn Winchester, Blaxx, Yami Bolo, Toni Mattaran, Coco-tea, Sanchez, Everton Blender, Midnite, and Yellow Man just to name a few.

Once his name branded itself on the stage, in the music studios and the air waves he claimed his respect and admiration from others that he so deserved. For “Meshach” opportunities came knocking and in 2003 and 2004 he entered the Soca Monarch Competition in New York City and won the title back to back and was boldly crowned the king. Then in 2006 “Meshach” was challenged to write a song for the legendary “Mighty Sparrow” called “Liking We Self” and he skilfully demonstrated his talent once again.


During an interview "Meshach" shared a few things we may not have known about him. He is an actor and was a cast member on NBC’s Homicide Life on the Streets” as Giles Decker in 1999 and HBO’s “The Corner” as Trench in 2000. He also shared with me that his favourite dishes, in his own words are “Sunday food” and a big smile confirmed his happiness about the traditional “Trini” delicacies that he loves so much. And what is “Meshach” doing when he is not making music? Well he enjoys playing soccer, watching Sci Fi, or football and playing his guitar to relax his mind and thoughts. More so, he expressed that he is mindfully strong, caring, loyal, loving, blessed and determined to get down to business with his career. He has a beautiful album called "Meshach Out of the Fire"  and he plans on making many more albums in the near future for his fans listening pleasures.


“Meshach” insists on reaching all corners of the universe with his music in a way which he can make people happy and touch their lives in some shape or form as well as having them being able to relate to the contents of his songs. He is driven to make an impact in the music industry with a pioneering effect that will forever be a part of every music lover’s life and home. He considers himself to be an artiste without boundaries, one who is fearless and not afraid of challenges despite of how big or small they may be.

To “Meshach” music is important as life itself. In his opinion “It is the one thing that holds the universe together due to the power it ignites, it is indeed the language of the world." In conclusion, I enjoyed meeting with “Meshach” during his interview and I saw a man who genuinely wants to embrace the entertainment community with not just his voice, but his love for the music, his sincerity about it and his humble yet brilliant approach that he intends on executing. Look out for “Meshach’s new song “Maco” for 2014 Carnival, produced by "Mill Beatz Entertainment"  and other great soon to be released rhythms. In addition, he made a remake of the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World and people everywhere loves the song and cannot wait to see him perfom live. “Meshach’s” management team is Prestige Production LLC.





K . Sydney