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Having the ability to write and publish a good essay requires excellent writing skills. Being able to write an essay, research paper, interview formats, speeches and other articles entails a lot of knowledge on the topic/subject, brainstorming, focusing, imaginative ideas, experiences, and the list goes on. More so, writing must comprise of proper composing and revision, sentence style, correct word choice, excellent grammar and punctuation, spelling mechanics such as vocabulary skill set, and being knowledgeable about doing research for your writing if needed. 


With that said, our "Essay Writing" class is structured to guide and assist individuals from age nine to adult who has the desire to learn to write well, enhance his or writing skills, or just needs to be a better writer overall. In addition, we prepare S.E.A. students for their examination writing papers. To some people writing often appears difficult until they make attempts to construct a piece and eventually learns that it only required confidence and imagination to begin the storyline. So what are you waiting for? Register now and you will be a great writer in no time. 


The following are some of the writing styles/formats that you will be learning:


1. Informational writing: This style is a non-fiction text that explains or describe something. It informs or explains something to the readers by providing facts about a certain topic. It is also called explanatory writing.


2. Opinion Writing: This style states what an author tells about a topic. The author backs up his or her point of view with factual reasons. Also, he or she must refrain from misinforming the reader.


3. Narrative Writing: This style includes story elements such as characters, dialogue and plot. It can also be fiction and non-fiction. This type of writing is often meant to entertain the reader. 


4. Research Writing: This style is normally given by universities where they ask you to pose a question worth exploring, to read widely in search of possible answers, to interpret what you read, to draw reasoned conclusions, and to support those conclusions with valid and well-documented evidence. The process can be tedious and takes a period of time. 



5. Report Writing: This style of writing enables the writer to make good reports on an event that occurred. When taking information about accidents, incidents and mishaps one must possess the abilities to be detail-oriented, descriptive, observant and cognitively focused when stating the necessary report when writing. More so, this particular writing skill is often given in the S.E.A. exams, and students must be intelligently prepared to execute a proper report in order to propel their creative writing scores. 


6. Biography Writing: This style is basically writing information about a person's life. Perhaps he or she is an important person in society and needs a write-up to present, so people can get an insight view of their accomplishments, achievements, family life, career, and the list goes on. 


7. Historical Fiction Writing: This style is fiction writing that is set in the past and may involve real events of the history of famous people. An example would be a book, film or stage play written about the late Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr Eric Williams. The author may describe real events of his life but still incorporate a few fiction pieces to boost the character who is demonstrating the story. 




Class schedule days and time are as follows:

  • Mondays: 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  • Tuesdays: 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  • Saturdays: 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The tools needed for this class are:

  1. Two Note Books

  2. One Pack of Index Cards

  3. Two Royards Cursive Copy Writing (Books 1 & 2)

  4. An Oxford Dictionary

  5. A Wordsearch Book

  6. An Oxford Thesaurus (Not mandatory)

  7. Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Ruler

  8. White Off Correction

  9. Coloured Pencils

  10. A Creative and Imaginative Mind






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