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Isn't it amazing to get professional assistance with your important document(s) despite of your location?


For your convenience, kindly select one or more of our plans below and use the submission button given to send us all of your necessary details and information that you need us to prepare for your said document(s). Once you complete your selections, make your payments, and you are all done. Upon receiving your paid documents in our email we will begin preparing your requested work and then return it back to you in the time frame expected. Keep in mind that your requests will only be granted upon your payments. Thank you for choosing us to assist you with such an important milestone in your life. 

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Choose your pricing plan

  • My Biography Story

    Perfect for artistes, entertainers, actors and students.
    Valid for one week
    • Professional biography for entertainment and business
    • Inform your audience about who you are
    • Provoke their thoughts and gain their full attention overall
  • Essays

    Perfect for busy students
    Valid for one week
    • Kindly submit your essay's title and research contents to us
    • Once received we will prepare the essay to tailor your needs
  • Business Letters

    Perfect for any business prospects
    Valid for one week
    • Get a professional written business letter to submit
    • Leave a lasting impression on the recipient of the letter
    • Let your letter stand out from the rest of the crowd
  • Speech Presentations

    Perfect for college students, business people, events etc..
    Valid for one week
    • Let us know the occasion you are preparing your speech for
    • We will assist you in making an excellent impression
    • Awaken your audiences and wow them with your confidence
  • Social Media Aide

    Social media management is perfect for many businesses
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Many businesses need to advertise their products
    • However, they are either too busy, or just don't know how to
    • Our social media management team can assist you in doing so
    • Allow us to present your business to the world online
    • Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube etc.,
  • 30 Minutes Scripts

    Perfect for short films, school plays, church plays etc...
    Valid for one week
    • Do you have a production project in mind, but a bit lost?
    • We can certainly assist you in writing a masterpiece
    • Your audience will be left breathless and yearning for more
  • Press Release

    Perfect for artistes, entertainers, actors and entrepreneurs
    Valid for one week
    • Share you wonderful accomplishments with the world
    • Encourage others on how to become successful
    • Be an inspiration to those who are facing dire challenges
  • Bio Documentary

    Perfect for artistes, entertainers, actors and entrepreneurs
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Tell your story through a camera lens for the world to see
    • This will cause a global impact for people everywhere
    • Share your greatness and inspire the world uniquely
  • Performer Contracts

    Perfect for artistes and entertainers
    Valid for one week
    • As an artiste or entertainer you need to be professional
    • Doing performances without a contract is quite unethical
    • Promoters/event organizers would take advantage of you
    • Be smart and demand your expectations to be taken seriously
  • Electronic Press Kit

    Perfect for artistes and entertainers
    Valid for one week
    • Sell your music to the world in style with an impressive EPK
    • Combine your songs, bio and lots more professionally
    • Make your EPK demand the industry's attention overall
  • Music Videos

    Perfect for artistes and entertainers
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Our videography team can create professional music videos
    • Let us assist you in presenting a draw-dropping music video
    • The quality, storyline and directing are all phenomenal
  • Impact Statements

    Perfect for courtroom victim impact statements
    Valid for one week
    • Are you grieving due to a terrible loss of a loved one?
    • Are you about to express your emotions to the aggressor?
    • However, your words are stifled due to hurt and pain
    • Give us the honor to prepare your touching impact statement
  • Prod... Sound Mixer

    Perfect for independent filmmakers
    Valid for one week
    • Equipment Provided
    • Mixer, Recorder, Shotgun Mic, Lavaliers, Boom Pole
    • and Cables
  • Lighting and Grip

    Perfect for Independent filmmakers
    Valid for one week
    • Two Ton lighting and Grip Package
    • $300.00 is the per day rate
    • Driver has to accompany truck with extra $300.00 a day cost.
  • Post Prod... Audio

    This post production audio deal is perfect for filmmakers
    Valid for one week
    • Minimizing unwanted sounds in production audio
    • The $49.99 is an hourly rate with a minimum of four hours
    • Inquire about a free trial
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