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Welcome to our entertainment management page. Prestige Production LLC offers professional artiste management to both established and aspiring artistes in the music industry. We are a global based company, therefore our services are extended not only in the U.S.A., but in Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, Asia, and Africa as well. We are always looking for enthusiastic and enterprising individuals who are interested in developing or advancing their music careers. Keep in mind that the first step to making it as an artiste in the music industry is securing an excellent management team that will place your best interest at heart at all times. For all of your inquiries, questions and concerns kindly visit our contact page and one of our representatives will respond back to you in an expeditious manner. Thus, you can also use the given e-mail to submit your music and videos to us. Thank you!

The following talents are what we are always seeking:













Disc Jockeys


Music Producers

While you are working on making more great music, an artiste manager is contacting people on your behalf who can help advance your career and create new opportunities for you. When the music is ready, the artiste manager provides the introductions to important people in the music business, to producers and studios, and is keeping an eye on the behind-the-scenes in the music industry for you the artiste. 


Each and every day, you have someone on your team working to make you, your face, and your work, the focus of the entire world. Our exemplary and professional team is here to ensure that you and your music are packaged and marketed in the proper manner in order for you to ascertain longitudinal success throughout your music career.


Once you qualify, we are the artiste management team to take your career to the next level so you can continue to make great music. Whether you are a National or International Artiste Prestige Production LLC is the Artiste Management Company for you. We can help you in management, marketing, event production, and web promotion. T.P.F.P.A.A. has the expertise to nurture and grow an artiste’s career overall.


Thank you!





Reggae Artiste and world-famous Bike Stunt-man Camall Morris aka "Stunta" music video for his song "Propeller". Stunta is definitely raising the bar with his phenomenal talent. For bookings visit our contact page. Thank you!


Management Team:

Prestige Production LLC

"Pursuing Excellence One Day at a Time"

Check out the new song and video by Reggae Artiste "Khari Kill" from Trinidad and Tobago called "12 Tribes" from his new album Born to Rule. For bookings visit our contact page. Thank you!

​Management Team:

Prestige Production LLC

"Pursuing Excellence One Day at a Time" 


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