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​      What's New for T.P.F.P.A.A.?
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S. Murray, May 2014


Mayhem and bacchanal will take the spotlight at the staging of the play "House ah Real Horrors", at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando on Saturday, May 31, at 6:00 p.m. sharp. The play is produced and sponsored by The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association (T.P.F.P.A.A.) whose last stage play was "Blood Transfusion" in 2012 and 2013. Indeed a brilliant piece with a talented cast this current production is a must see. Patrick Francois plays the lead role Mr. Moses a humble, low-income single father who is fed up of his impoverish lifestyle until luck imposes itself onto him and his life takes a wild turn.


Kersha Davis plays the daughter Candice, rude and impolite but very protective of her father. Akima Arthur plays the infamous bacchanalist Gertrude, a woman who just cannot keep her nose out of other people's business and strives on controlling everybody's life and household around her. Leah Davis plays Sandra a woman of uncontrollable greed and deception at its best. Tevin Alexis plays Denton the sweet-man who thinks everything should be given to him at his feet on a gold platter. Last but not least, Jaleel Scanterbury plays Donald the smart-man and his schemes are never smart at all. The play is written and directed by Michelle K. Sydney and co-directed by Shivon Hendy.



  The New Stage Play
"Live Light & Weigh Heavy"
   is All Fired up to Hit the Stage
in 2019

K. McCarthy, October 2019

"Live Light & Weigh Heavy" is another new project that is in the making for T.P.F.P.A.A. written and directed by Trinidad and Tobago's Playwright Michelle K. Sydney. It is definitely another great stage production that will have audience members gripping to their seats with laughter, tears, and suspense throughout the play. The stage play is expected to make its debut in 2019. 


More so, we are enthusiastically elated to have a phenomenal cast, they are Adaneke, Darnell, Shivon, Crystal, and Michelle. This group is vibrant, energetic, talented, and ready to deliver their diligence, art, and enthusiasm for all to see in Point Fortin in October 2019. Thank you for your continuous support and we hope to see you there.



The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association

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Press Releases

Play stages blood transfusion issue

Published:Thursday, November 1, 2012


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