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Philomen building her blocks
Tyrese playing with Philomen
Abuanas posing for the camera
The students doing team-work
Philomen enjoying her phonics cards
DiJohn & Tutor Ms. Francois.
Abuanas & Dance Tutor Ms. Francois.
DiJohn made arts & crafts today.
Abuanas showing off her dance moves.
We love to play with DiJohn!
DiJohn strumming his guitar.
I Love to Dance!
Music brings me happiness.


Are you a parent with an autistic child/children and live in or near the Point Fortin area? Well, perhaps you are looking for a place to have them learn and develop their academics and life skills on a weekly basis. At The Point Fortin Performings Arts Association, we understand that autism is a "Pervasive Neurological Developmental Condition". It affects the individual's personality, experiences, memory, their growing-up cycle, communication, thinking, and movements. Based on the minimal accommodations in our Borough, to children suffering from autism we enthusiastically offer a wonderful program to families of autistic children. In addition, these parents do not have a wide variety of options when it comes to the convenience and location of an autistic child/children. More so, having an autistic child can be extremely overwhelming for any parent and quite often their major concerns will be questioned when it comes to the child's welfare and well-being. Our program is designed to make both the child and his or her parents feel comfortable and relaxed with a welcoming and safe, learning environment. Thus, the tutors are friendly, caring, loving, experienced, trained professionals who take special quality time with the children every day. The list below is just some of the important and necessary human rights and skills that each and every autistic individual should receive. Thank you for considering us for your child/children's future.




Our autism program consists of the following basic human rights expectations:


  • Be taught to be independent.

  • Be regarded and treated as individuals.

  • Be taught to make choices for themselves.

  • Be treated in an equal and fair way.

  • Be treated with love, respect, and dignity.

  • Be taught to practice basic life skills.

  • Introduce them to new and creative ideas.

  • Teach them to be brave and adventurous. 



Our autism program offers the following child development skills:


  1. Motor Skills (Small or large)

  2. Listening Skills

  3. Sharp Eyes/Eyes Contact Enhancement  

  4. Steady Hands

  5. Spatial development/relationships

  6. Hand-eye Coordination

  7. Speed and Agility

  8. Directional Instructions

  9. Memory Skills

  10. Verbal/Speech Communication

  11. Sensory Skills

  12. Aiming, Jumping and Throwing Skills

  13. Team Cooperation

  14. Interpretation Skills

  15. Music, Rhythm and Arts Skills

  16. Self-Control Skills

  17. Thinking Skills

  18. Focusing Skills

  19. Reflexive Skills

  20. Attention Skills

  21. Sitting Skills



Our autism program includes the following academic structure:


  • Each autistic child learns easy Mathematics like counting, addition, and subtraction.

  • Each autistic child learns Language Arts such as the alphabet, writing and spelling simplified words.

  • Each autistic child learns to read by identifying pictures and pronouncing the object as well as reading words and short sentences.

  • Flash cards, picture charts, daily calendar reports, story books, sensory objects, games, musical instruments, music, songs and other things are incorporated to increase their learning possibilities.

  • They are taught to read books which in turn helps them to develop their speaking skills.



Our autism program teaches and encourages the children's basic day-to-day life skills:


  • The children practice proper hygiene such as teeth brushing, hair brushing etc.

  • Basic house duties are taught such as mopping, sweeping, dishwashing, etc.

  • Daily exercise routines to help their muscles and motor reflexes.

  • They are taught to be responsible for, watering of plants, opening packages, flushing after using the restroom etc.

  • They learn how to make simple sandwiches, place and take things from the refrigerator, and how to clean-up after themselves.

  • They also learn how to iron clothes by using an unplugged iron, as well as how to fold clothes.

  • The children learn how and when to say "thank you", "please", "you are welcome", "I want", "I love you" "good morning" "goodbye" "hello" and other everyday dialogue.

  • The children are also taught how to answer a telephone and make attempts to have brief conversations once they can conquer that task. 

  • Last but not least, they learn their everyday morning routines by placing their book bags and lunch bags in the assigned area.

  • We often introduce many different things to the children once they are able to concur the level presented to them at that point in time. (Keep in mind that all children learn by repetition)




Kindly contact our office for more information:


The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association

"Aim for Succes, Live for Excellence"

WhatsApp: 1 (868) 356-9009

Cell: (868) 356-9009



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