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Michelle K. Sydney

Michelle K. Sydney


Artistic Director



The Prestige Production LLC was established in 2008 by Playwright Michelle K. Sydney in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Ms. Sydney's ambitions, goal-driven attributes, determination, intelligence, intellect, and exceptional creativity combined together emerged into a phenomenal production and entertainment company. Moreso, she began to produce her own stage productions from 2008 to the present. Some of her past work includes "A Mother's Scorn", "Blood Transfusion", "House ah Real Horrors", and "Live Light & Weigh Heavy" just to name a few. Despite being a recipient of a bachelor's degree in Justice Studies from Montclair State University in New Jersey, Ms. Sydney always had a passion for stageplays, movies, and radio broadcasting. In addition, she is also a great actress, writer, and director and indulges herself in exclusive artiste management and looks forward to continuing doing so with serious, talented people who possess artistic potential overall.

Not only but also, Ms. Sydney is a reading literacy specialist for hundreds of children with whom she worked in Trinidad and Tobago for a number of years. Her unique and creative academic approach rendered a lot of help to those who were unable to grasp their reading skills. Furthermore, Ms. Sydney assisted numerous children with their S.E.A. preparation in English, creative writing, reading and comprehension, and vocabulary enhancement skills as well as other subject areas. Equally important, Ms. Sydney is also the founder of The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association located in Point Fortin, Trinidad. T.P.F.P.A.A. is a sister affiliate of Prestige Production LLC. Indeed, she has made a significant impact in the performing arts sector in her hometown and gave many young and brilliant actors and actresses the opportunity to demonstrate their talent, aspiration, and ambition to live audiences throughout Trinidad on a broad scale. 

Undeniably, Ms. Sydney is certainly a force to be reckoned with and is definitely a phenomenal and well-rounded individual. As a result, she has many other accomplishments to attain in and out of the entertainment industry on a global scale. She praises herself as an "International Woman" and is always mentally, physically, and emotionally charged to execute her passions, talents, aspirations, and mentorship to other like-minded individuals from any walks of life. Presently, Ms. Sydney is in the process of writing her new production for 2022-2023 and by all means, it has the Venum and spunk that is required to make spectators everywhere fall out of their seats, crumble with laughter, evoke sad emotions, and leave a long-lasting impression of what a masterpiece the show was after their attendance. All in all, Ms. Sydney is a certified package waiting to be unwrapped by the world to accept her warm, graceful, charming, diligent, placid, and charismatic personality which summarizes and compliments her never-ending greatness. 


Shivon Hendy

Alongside Ms. Sydney is the vice president of The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association, Mr. Shivon Hendy. He is also a graduate of Presentation College and The University of the West Indies. Mr. Hendy is a recipient of a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. Presently, he is an electrical engineer and a brilliant mathematician. Additionally, he is a talented actor and does an exceptional job at it. Hence the reason, he was cleverly selected to be a part of the production team based on his well-rounded characteristics. He contributes magnificent intelligence, mindfulness, energy, enthusiasm, and prudent aptitude with his humble presence. Moreover, Mr. Hendy is an assistant director and implements unique yet real-life directing skills when rehearsing for the productions produced by The Fortin Performing Arts Association. 

Undoubtedly, Mr. Hendy has many high aspirations for his young and ambitious life, but still devotes his skills, talent, and love to the art form. His perception of upliftment and mentorship toward young people in his community is extremely important to him, and he models such beliefs in a caring and compassionate manner once he interacts with them during his rehearsal sessions. Subsequently, Mr. Hendy tutors children in his spare time in mathematics, add-math, physics, chemistry, biology, and Spanish. Indeed, this young man is in a class by himself with such overwhelming intelligence, talent, and greatness. No wonder, he has proven to be a valuable asset to T.P.F.P.A.A.

In closing, Mr. Hendy has what it takes to be a powerhouse and any organization would be privileged to have him on its team. However, The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association is elated to have the opportunity to have such an exemplary individual as a board member and looks forward to working with him longitudinally. 




To the left is Mr. Abdul Rahim who is a filmmaker from Newark, New Jersey who enjoys telling stories. Respectfully, Mr. Rahim has been in the entertainment/movie industry for the past twenty-five years and has done excellent work with quite a few actors and directors in many films/productions. With this in mind, Prestige Production LLC collaborated with Mr. Rahim to render his outstanding services to us when needed. More so, Mr. Rahim is more than just a filmmaker he is an artist that puts his all in
every production that he is a part of. With over two decades of experience in lighting, audio, key grip and writing he is a valuable powerhouse that is sure to assist in making any set transition and transform smoothly. Plus, he has been mentored by cinematic legends such as Tom Musto asc, Shane Hurlbut asc and Mark Edward Lewis just to name a few.


All-in-all, this guided him to teach and educate the youth of Newark, New Jersey a city which he loves. In the past he has been trusted to carry out the creative visions by Operation Freedom, Goodwill of Greater Washington DC and General Motors Cadillac Division. Furthermore, Mr. Rahim has an extensive background working with a great deal of directors including but certainly not limited to: LeRon Lee, Chelsea Odufu, Barry Tomes and Spike Lee. He possesses a two ton lighting and grip package at his disposal that he is proficient with. When Abdul Rahim is on your set, you are guaranteed to see your vision come to life.

Overall, Prestige Production LLC is highly honored to be working with such a well-rounded, talented and humble individual and we look forward to constructing a phenomenal production empire with him. Indeed, his grace, professionalism, diligence, ambitions, respect for the art form and resilience are all major contributions that our team appreciate, welcome and applaud. 

Abdul Rahim and Spike Lee

Abdul Rahim

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